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Addicted to disc golf at the age of 11, my dream has always been to see the world one disc golf course at a time. As my dream grew into reality, so did my observation that disc golf and life are seamlessly intertwined. Everything the nature of disc golf has laid out before us teaches lessons that relate to our every day lives as well. That fact helped me understand that my, your, everyones' disc golf journey isn't just for now, it's for a lifetime. A lifetime of love. To grow and share the art of the disc we all love. 

2020 Tour

I love travel, but I also love to keep it local - so I do both! Every season I try to find a perfect blend of breathtaking Midwestern views and on the road to some of my favorite disc golf vacation destinations. As I see disc golf growing, there are so many events to choose from! It was hard to choose; and that is why this is my biggest touring year yet, with over thirty events! I'm looking forward to starting my season March 7th, and I look forward to seeing y'all on the course! And use my discount code  lfish10 to save money at   as you get ready for your 2023 season!


In the Community

I'm so proud to be able to help out (among many other top pros) in the disc golf community I grew up in. Silver Cup has one of the most fun clinics I have ever been a part of. Join us in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and hope to see everyone at 2023 Silver Cup Clinic! 

More info coming winter. Brrrr

Enjoy some reviews of Gateway Disc Sports and take advantage of the opportunity to get a 'grounded fish' signature series 2023 stamp. 


What disc golf can do for you

Disc Golf is great exercise, and my favorite way to get out and explore nature.


Thank You!

Many thanks for the support of my sponsors and fellow disc golf family

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